Mubashir Nawaz

Accounts & Human Resource

Mubashir Nawaz

Mubashir Nawaz

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Association of Accounting Technicians, UK


Institute of Internal Auditors, Hungary

Associate Member

Financial Accountant, UK


Institute of Public Accountant, Australia


Mubashir practices as a Licensed Certified Accountant at S.A.J Legal. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration with specialisation in Finance. He has a work experience of over 20 years in the private sector. Mubashir has a passion and extensive experience in establishing best accounting practices, helping businesses and individuals to manage and grow their financial well-being. With a strong accounting and tax background, Mubashir has thorough command on the prevalent tax system and accounting practices. Coming from a hard-working family in Pakistan, Mubashir aspired to start a successful accounting practice in the UK. To realise his dream, he worked tirelessly in the banking industry and acquired his university degree. Subsequently, he completed his Master in Finance and became an Associate member of the Association of Accounting (AAT), and eventually fulfilled his dream of establishing his very own accounting firm (MN Consultancy) responsible for managing the accounts portfolio of high net-worth clients.

My Education

University of Sindh, Pakistan

Practice Area

Mubashir is an expert in dealing with SRA accounting rules and accounts. He also deals with human resource management at S.A.J Legal.