Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

We advise on a wide range of legal issues every day. Make sure you are informed about the options available and the associated costs for each option.

We provide guidance on nearly all kinds of disputes, from helping with family disputes resolution to claims against Trustees to property or commercial disputes that are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and we follow up on that advice by acting for you in all steps necessary to resolve matters, whether by negotiation, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or court action. Negotiation and ADR options like mediation and arbitration are typically quicker and cost-effective alternatives and are especially relevant when the parties are looking to maintain their working or personal relationship while resolving the dispute.
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Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution In
Breach of Contract Claims

If you are a victim of breach of contract, our litigation solicitors can guide you through the process of claiming the damages incurred. We provide advice and representation in a broad range of breach of contract claims, including agreements involving business partners, directors, shareholders, and companies, employment agreements, commercial contracts, consumer contracts, construction contracts, tenancy agreements, leases, and international contracts. Our goal is to help you recover your losses and restore your position by interpreting contract terms and seeking favourable resolutions.

Media Law, Reputation, and Defamation Claims

At S A J Legal, we understand the value of privacy and reputation, whether you live and work in the public eye or not. Our media law and reputation specialists are well-qualified to protect our clients' reputations and advise on privacy law matters. We have successfully represented public figures, politicians, sportspersons, and individuals in prominent positions in commerce and industry. Our expertise includes reputation management, defamation claims, and all aspects of media law.

Expert Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services for Individuals

At S A J Legal, we are a niche litigation practice dedicated to supporting and representing individuals in a wide range of complex and often high-profile legal issues. Our civil litigation solicitors are market-leading specialists in their respective areas of practice. With a strong track record of producing positive results swiftly and cost-effectively, we provide expert legal advice and assistance in the following areas:

Professional Discipline

We provide representation to professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, healthcare professionals, financial advisors, and accountants, in disputes with their regulatory bodies. We understand the seriousness of regulatory disputes and the potential impact on your reputation, career, and personal well-being. Our professional discipline specialists offer support during investigations, fierce representation at tribunals or hearings, and reputation management advice. With our expertise, we strive to minimize the impact of proceedings on your life and keep the dispute as private as possible.

Professional Negligence

When professionals fail to meet the expected standards of their work, resulting in a loss to the client, a claim of professional negligence may arise. Our professional negligence solicitors represent both professionals facing claims and individuals who have suffered losses due to professional negligence. We provide clear and pragmatic advice on the prospects of making a claim, negotiate settlements, and provide representation in court. Our aim is to achieve a positive outcome efficiently and cost-effectively.

International and Cross-Border

With our expertise in handling cases with international elements, we can assist you in international debt recovery and the pursuit of overseas assets. Whether you are dealing with complex cross-border disputes or international debt collection, our litigation solicitors are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of such transnational cases.

Why Choose S A J Legal for Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution?


Our litigation and dispute resolution lawyers have received independent recognition for their legal expertise, as evidenced by the 5 awards received in our first year of performance. Led by our founding Partner Muhammad Zahab Jamali, who has dedicated his entire career to litigation and is a third-generation lawyer, our legal team brings a wealth of experience, good repute and knowledge to your service.

Seeking Early Resolutions; Protecting Reputations

We understand the impact a protracted dispute can have on our clients, especially those in high-profile positions. Therefore, we take decisive and strategic action to strengthen our clients' positions and efficiently conclude disputes. Our team includes experts in niche areas of law such as media law, reputation, and defamation, enabling us to provide comprehensive advice on reputation management and work towards resolving disputes quietly and privately.

Result-Oriented Solutions

Wherever possible, we encourage clients to explore alternative methods of dispute resolution. ADR can be effective in bringing disputes to a close without formal court proceedings, saving time and costs, and maintaining privacy. Our team can provide advice on various ADR options, including informal negotiations, mediation, and arbitration, tailoring the approach to suit the circumstances of each case. Furthermore, we have extensive experience as skilled litigators, representing clients at all court levels, including the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court.

Exceptional Client Care

At S A J Legal, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional client care. Our partner-led and experienced team ensures that clients receive prompt and responsive service. We strive to provide consistent, high-quality support, with a commitment to returning calls on the same or next working day. Clients can expect to speak directly to an expert who will address their concerns and keep them informed about the progress of their case. Our dedication to client satisfaction is reflected in the excellent feedback we consistently receive. This is manifested through our Trust Pilot star ratings of 4.9/5, Google Reviews rating of 5/5 and Review Solicitors rating of 5/5.

Contact S A J Legal for Civil Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our civil litigation and dispute resolution services are designed to evaluate your claim and provide insightful advice on the best course of action. We assess the viability of your claim, consider cost implications, and offer information on alternate dispute resolutions when appropriate. Our skilled team is committed to handling confidentiality, disclosure, witness statement drafting, bundle preparation, trial attendance, and all necessary paperwork to achieve a favourable outcome for our clients. Our civil litigation lawyers are known as the one of the best solicitors in London and have extensive experience representing both claimants and defendants in complex, high-value, and high-profile contentious legal proceedings. We are here to guide you through the process and provide effective solutions for your legal disputes.