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Affan Samad Khan

Affan Samad Khan

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Affan is the newest addition to the team at S A J Legal Solicitors and works closely on immigration, employment and family matters with the firm’s senior members. Not only does he have a remarkable academic journey but also possesses a wealth of internship experience from accredited law firms in Pakistan, such as Mohsen Tayebaly & Co in 2019 and Ahmed & Partners in 2020, as well, as having served as a mini pupil in the United Kingdom in 2022. With these experiences, he has developed a passion for engaging in complex legal practice and building relationships with clients. Affan graduated from the Queen Mary University, London in 2023 with a Master’s degree in Commercial and Corporate Law, having scored a distinction in UK Tax Avoidance, Corporate Rescue and Cross Border Insolvency and General Principles of Insurance law.

My Education

Queen Mary, University of London

University of London


Practice Area

Affan has demonstrated a strong aptitude in immigration law, working with the Firm’s legal team to effectively secure successful visa applications across a range of categories, including visit visa, skilled worker visa and dependant visa applications. His experience extends to assisting in sponsor licence matters for corporate and private clients, facilitating fee waiver applications and assisting in asylum cases. Furthermore, Affan also possesses a sound understanding of Court proceedings related to immigration matters, having attended many Court hearings alongside the Firm’s legal counsel. In addition to his proficiency in immigration law, Affan has also accumulated substantial experience in family law. His experience extends to various aspects such as filing divorce proceeding applications, filing child arrangement orders, and lodging non-molestation orders and occupational orders. Moreover, Affan is also well-versed in handling employment matters by effectively liaising with clients, submitting claims to employment tribunals, and calculating and preparing basic award claims. Affan consistently maintains close communication with clients by liaising with them and addressing their concerns and providing valuable assistance throughout the legal process. He regularly attends court hearings, drafts and dispatches correspondence to the Home Office to expedite proceedings, and also provides support to the legal team by assembling case bundles and preparing witness statements for upcoming cases.